Arch of Triumph

 The Arch of Triumph is located in the historic place where Kim Il Sung delivered his famous triumphal speech. It is a great monument of the age of the Workers’ Party of Korea, immortalizing the revolutionary cause of President Kim Il Sung, father of the national liberation.

 It was inaugurated in April Juche 71 (1982) on occasion of the 70th birthday of President. It is the biggest one among triumphal arches all over the world as it is 60m high and weighs 18,000 tons, made up of 15,000 pieces of granite.

 On its two sides are engraved two years, “1925” and “1945”. The former stands for the year when President left his native home in his teens with the great ambition of national liberation while the latter represents the year when he returned home with his ambition realized.

 The Arch of Triumph is engraved with seventy odd azaleas symbolic of President’s 70th birthday. It is also inscribed with the immortal revolutionary anthem, Song of General Kim Il Sung. Its pillars are decorated with group sculptures depicting Korean people who burst into cries “Long live General Kim Il Sung!”, “Long live national liberation!”,etc.

 The Arch of Triumph boasts of its unique figure and enormous size, based on Korea’s traditional architectural styles. This huge monument, in compliance with both traditional and modern aesthetic senses of architecture, stands magnificently against the flourishing forest of Moran Hill. It vividly shows the unanimous will of Korean people who will strive continuously to perpetuate the immortal revolutionary achievement of President and to accomplish the Juche revolutionary cause under the leadership of their leader and the Workers’ Party of Korea.