The 102nd session of IMO Maritime Safety Committee was held remotely from Nov 4th to 11th.

Present there were representatives from DPR Korea and other Member States as well as from the international organizations.

Given the session being held remotely, it postponed 10 of 23 agenda items previously agreed to the next session and discussed the main agenda items including the adoption of the amendments of essential IMO instruments; the outcome of sub-committee meetings; and development of ship construction rules in line with the goal-based standards, etc.

The Committee also considered subsequent reports pursuant to the requirements of “STCW Convention” submitted by DPRK and other Member States and confirmed that the reports showed that the Convention was being given full and complete effect in those States.

It discussed the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic presented to the world maritime sector.

The 103rd session of MSC was tentatively scheduled to be held in May 2021.