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Law of DPRK on Registration of Ships Amended2023.10.31.838
International Day for Women in Maritime Event Held2023.5.30.1050
Empowering Women in Maritime2023.4.3.1087
The DPRK participated in IMOTC 722022.12.31.1161
Symposium on low- and zero-carbon fuels for shipping held2022.12.31.1044
World Maritime Day Event Held2022.11.21.942
For Clean Marine Environment2022.10.31.1093
The Law of the DPRK on Maritime Administration amended2022.8.31.1417
The DPRK Participated in III 82022.8.31.1381
The DPRK Participated in NCSR 92022.7.29.1502
For Prompt Response to Marine Weather Warnings2022.7.29.1438
Making Headway to Uplift of E-working system2022.7.29.1408
At the 105th session of the Maritime Safety Committee2022.7.1.1450
The 1st meeting of RTF on Biofouling Management2022.7.1.1468
Participating at ISWG-GHG 112022.6.30.1389
Expert Workshop on Impact Assessment2022.6.30.1384
Aiming at green shipping2022.6.30.1373
71st session of the Technical Cooperation Committee2022.2.28.1480
Considerationon EXI-CII related guidelines2021.12.21.1480
Ongoing spurs to the developing maritime2021.12.21.1633
Regulations for Enforcement of the Law on Ship Registration adopted2021.12.21.1615
Regulations for Enforcement of the Law on Ship Safety adopted2021.12.21.1599
Regulationson Safety of Ships’ Navigation updated2021.12.21.1588
The DPRK accedes to 1992 CLC Protocol2021.12.21.1632
The DPRK Delegation Participated in MEPC 762021.12.21.1687
The DPRK participates in LEG 1082021.12.21.1592
World Maritime Day in the DPRK2021.12.21.1587
The DPRK delegation participated in III 72021.8.17.1752
The Model Agreement between the Administration and ROs Drafted2021.8.17.1767
IMO HTW 7 held2021.7.17.1708
Law of DPR Korea on Maritime Search and Rescue Enacted2021.7.17.1721
The Law of the DPRK on Maritime Administration was revised2021.7.17.1709
The Eighth Session of the Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response2021.7.17.1730
The March 2021 Session of the IOPC Funds’ Governing Bodies2021.7.17.1746
The DPRK Delegation Participated in MSC 1032021.7.17.1736
Consideration to Cost Implications in Maritime Communication2021.7.17.1759
Consideration to the Work Program of IMO2021.7.17.1723
The 102nd Session of IMO MSC held 2021.7.16.1761
The 75th session of IMO MEPC held 2021.7.16.1716
The 107th Session of IMO LEG held2021.7.16.1729
The 26th Session of IMSO Assembly held2021.7.16.1735

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